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Saint Aubin sur Loire

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History of the domain

In 1429, Antoine de Toulongeon, Chamberlain for the Duke of Burgundy, Philippe the Good, received the lands of Saint Aubin.

The domain of Saint Aubin, at that time, extended to both banks of the Loire, such that the lands that are currently part of the township of Dompierre sur Besbre (Allier-03) were dependent on the parish and domain of Saint Aubin, despite their location in Bourbonnais.

This situation continued until the Revolution; and long after 1790, these lands would continue to belong to the owners of the Château de Saint Aubin.

The Toulongeon family owned Saint Aubin for more than one hundred and fifty years.

In 1579, Saint Aubin became the property of Claude d'Ambly, a descendent of a bourgeois family from Bourbon-Lancy.

The daughter of Claude d'Ambly married Louis de Ramilly, who took on the name of d'Ambly and became Louis d'Ambly de Ramilly, Lord of Saint Aubin, Perrigny sur Loire, Sommery and other lands.

The Ramilly family sold the land of Saint Aubin in 1652 to Charles Le Gendre, Lord of la Faye, son of a Parisian bourgeois family who had moved to Moulins (Allier-03), and who during the same year married Marie du Buisson, the daughter of André du Buisson, Lord of Beauregard, Chief Treasurer of France for Moulins.

Vue depuis le chateau

In 1718, their grandson, Gilbert-Charles convinced the Regent to elevate the lands of Saint Aubin to Marquisate and also had title to the Barony of Bourbon-Lancy transferred to him.

Unfortunately, Gilbert-Charles Le Gendre threw himself into speculating on the shares of John Law's Indies Company and all of his assets were consumed by the famous bankruptcy of this Company. He died in 1746 and his creditors sold off his assets.

On July 31, 1751 the domain of Saint Aubin was transferred by decree to Pierre-César Du Crest, father of the well-known Madame de Genlis (the children's governess for the Duke of Chartres, then Duke of Orleans, and finally Philippe Egalité) who spent his childhood in Saint Aubin in the old fortified castle of Toulongeon, built along the Loire.

There, the new owner and his family led a life of feasting and receptions which resulted in their ruin.

Their desperate conditions led them to sell the Marquisate of Saint Aubin in 1757 to Charles-Guillaume Le Normand d'Etiolles, “fermier général”, and the husband of the Marquise of Pompadour.

He never came to Saint Aubin and sold the domain in 1771 to Charles Jean Baptiste des Gallois de la Tour, Lord of Dompierre, Chézelle and other lands, who was none other than the grandson of the first Charles Le Gendre, Lord of Saint Aubin.

Chateau de Saint Aubin sur LoireChateau de Saint Aubin sur LoireChateau de Saint Aubin sur LoireChateau de Saint Aubin sur Loire
Chateau de Saint Aubin