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Chateau de Saint Aubin
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Saint Aubin sur Loire

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Description of the Château

A classic architectural masterpiece from the end of the 18th century, the Château de Saint Aubin is comprised of a main building built of golden stone, the two stones central part incased by two wings with trusses, one-and-a-half stories high, under a steeply sloped roof, covered by slates as well as two out buildings of L shape made of brick, covered with tiles and broken by a colossal arch.

To the east, an imposing bridle path, more than one kilometer in length, initially intended for the departure of hunting parties, faces the Château, while to the west, the lawn, organized into terraces, hosted magnificent fountains.

To the north and south, the space was devoted to cultivating fruits and vegetables, beyond the North Commons the kitchen garden could be found, while fruit trees spread out to the south.

The neoclassical architecture, in vogue in France for some 50 years starting from the mid-18th century, with the rediscovery of Pompeii and Herculanum, included a quite varied span of stylistic manifestations, all of which had as a common denominator the antique model, the symbol of purity, simplicity, and moral values which the people aspired at that time in reaction to the frivolous character of the rococo style of which Louis XV was so enamored.

parc en terrasses

Batiment principal

This reference to antiquity was reflected specifically by the inclusion of elements from Greek temples. Thus, in Saint Aubin, a perfect example of the style can be found: façades with a harmonious rhythm are organized around a central front building, barely set forward, comprised of four engaged pilasters, topped with colossal capitals, all of it, in turn, crowned by a triangular front plate which, doubtlessly, originally held the coat of arms of the owners, most definitely recalling Hellenic religious sites.

The interior decorating and layout, in turn, being greatly sober, associated elegance with comfort, reflecting a provincial life that was both simple and refined, testifying to the desire of Mr. des Gallois de la Tour to design a residence that was the image of his era, with respect to style (neoclassical), taste (sober), and innovations in terms of comfort at the end of the 18th century.

In fact, until that time, the guiding principle behind the organization of a residence was designed only to satisfy the taste of the grand aristocrats, leaving aside notions of comfort; but progressively thoughts about a residence for ordinary living began to take shape.

Then, bit by bit different rooms began to be identified, thusly forming zones in the living area which consequently determined the most directed pathways.

Hence, primary rooms such as the salon overlooked a garden. Such is the case at Saint Aubin, while the primary succession of rooms, up until the 19th century, occurred along the main facade of the building.

The dining room, rarely identified as such at the time, was most often found located within an anteroom; service rooms in turn, were always located in zones far removed from the central part of the Main Building, the place where the owners lived, given the many unpleasant occurrences that could arise.

Enfilade de pièces

In Saint Aubin, the dining room occupies a genuinely select place, located center of the central body, it possesses a double panorama on the hunting bridlepath to the east and a more spectacular view over the Loire and the Allier plain to the west.

In terms of comfort, the end of the 18th century also saw the appearance of spaces designed exclusively for women such as boudoirs, thus determining, once again, differentiation among zones of habitation reserved for women and for men.

Chateau de Saint Aubin sur LoireChateau de Saint Aubin sur LoireChateau de Saint Aubin sur LoireChateau de Saint Aubin sur Loire
Chateau de Saint Aubin